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Writers Wanted

Home Business Journal is looking for talented writers to help contribute to our online business publication. In exchange for your articles, we offer world wide exposure to you as an author, your products or your services.

We are currently looking for articles with a focus on starting, maintaining and developing a small business. We invite everyone, both novice and seasoned writers to help contribute to our site. We ask that all writers keep the following items in mind when submitting an article...

  • Keep focused on issues relating to affiliate programs
  • Must not contain illegal activities or deceptive information
  • May endorse only products that specifically relate to article
  • English language articles only please
  • Cannot include copyrighted material from other sources
  • Can be any size of article
  • Provide a title for your article of up to 30 characters
  • If desired, an "About the Author" paragraph can also be provided

Note that we reserve the right to make minor modifications to submitted articles. This includes but is not limited to changing the article title and minor grammatical, spelling and wording changes to increase clarity or to fit it within a specified space. The author of a submitted article understands that there is no monetary compensation of any form offered for the submission of an article. We reserve the right to use submitted articles for as long or as short duration as we see fit.

How to Submit
Submitting an article is as simple as sending us your article by email in plain text, HTML or Microsoft Word format. Please allow up to one week for a response from us as to whether or not your article will be used in our online publication.


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