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The Scoop On Astrive Student Loans

Astrive student loans are private education loans offered to students in graduate, undergraduate and even in professional and continuing education programs. Astrive student loans can be used towards many different education related costs such as tuition, books, rent and accommodation to go to school, lab fees, computers and software related to school and even for traveling too and from school or even when studying in another country or area. As with any type of private student loan or government student loan there are things that the loan cannot cover or be used for. Students borrowing through an Astrive student loan cannot use the money for vacations, to purchase a car or make vehicle payments, for personal care items or even to buy non-academic equipment or supplies for their living space.

There are also limits to the amount that a student can borrow using Astrive student loans. The total amount that any one student can borrow over each educational or academic year of full time study is $40,000, however most students would not qualify for this high level loan. There is also a minimum borrowing amount of $1500 per academic year.

Since the interest rate and the amount of funds available through any private type of student loan is based on your credit score or the credit score of your co-signer, most students will first apply for a low interest rate federal loan as well as free scholarships, grants or bursaries before they apply for Astrive student loans or any other type of private loan. Higher interest rates on private loans mean that paying these types of loans back may be more difficult once the student has graduated, however the interest rate will be much less than using a credit card to fund living expenses while you are going to school. Different types of deferment or repayment options are available with Astrive student loans based largely on the type of loan you are applying for, your full-time or part-time student status, and if you can make interest only or interest and loan payments while you are still in school.

The best option is to make full loan payments starting as early as possible as this will decrease the total amount of the interest paid out over the full life of the loan. As with most private education loans, Astrive student loans can be paid out early without any penalty, and can even be completely paid out before the student graduates. In addition the company offers an automatic payment option direct from a bank account that offers a decreased interest rate of about a half a percent, which may not seem like much but can be hundreds of dollars over the life of the loan.

Steven M Schultz lives in Loveland, Colorado USA. He is a restaurateur (The Hobnob Restaurant), a professional candy maker (Columbine Almond Toffee), an active Forex Currency Trader (www.Trade-Forex-Now.com) and a martial artist (Black Belt in Haidong Gumdo). He is married with three children. For more Information and a FREE report: http://www.Loans-Credit-Finance.com/student/ and for more information: http://www.Student-Loan-Consolidation-Today.com

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