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Infacta Group Mail Pro 3.4
Comprehensive group mailer and subscriber management.

By Jon Deragon, Visca Consulting
Tuesday, October 7, 2003; 3:00pm EST

It is well known that a good opt-in newsletter can greatly increase user return visits to your web site. It acts as a reminder to your users that you are still around and have exciting content and or services to offer them. Within all the content of your newsletter, including site updates and improvements gives your users a reason to come back!

One particular tool that makes the job of running a well maintained email list effortless is Group Mail Pro by Infacta. For the small price of $99.95US it packs a large suite of features that give you complete control over your email list using a Windows 9x, NT, 2000 workstation or server. The application has a message editor and history tracker, group manager and plug-in manager as the main components.

As a webmaster, simply create a form that sends the results to an email address, or simply provide an email address for users to subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletter. Group Mail Pro does the rest. Simply run the "Subscriber" plug-in and it will weed out the users wanting to join your newsletter or be removed and service your email list accordingly. You can organize your users into different groups, and you can have an unlimited number of users in each group! You can even let the "Inspector" plug-in verify the email addresses you receive. Want to send out a newsletter to your subscriber base? No problem! Write it up in the built in message editor in any format from plain text to HTML. After you are done, a simple press of the button will have you firing off emails at a rate of speed that will dazzle you each and every time. Upon completion, Group Mail gives you a detailed report as to the success of your newsletter distribution.

The software is incredibly easy to install, and installation of the plug-ins (which are free and regularly improved by the developer) takes a matter of seconds each. Configuring is a simple matter of either configuring your SMTP server information, or if you prefer not to (as some Internet Service Providers do not allow newsletter emailing) a new Direct email feature allows you to bypass the need for an SMTP server!

Overall, it has a clean interface that is logically laid out and quick to navigate. Has an abundance of functions to help maintain your email list and create bulk or personalized newsletters. Requires little resources or system specifications to run effectively. Utilizes a blazingly fast engine for email list maintenance and newsletter sending. Best of all, it is how you can get all of these features at such a low price point - making it a feasible option for web site operators big and small. A Group Mail Plus version is available for a somewhat higher $149.95US price, but includes a multi-threaded high speed SMTP engine, background queuing and other additional features. Group Mail Free, is downloadable at no cost but is limited to only 100 emails, more or less to evaluate the product. Regardless of the version you get, the Group Mail family of products is highly recommended!

About The Author
Jon Deragon is president and founder of Visca Consulting, a firm specializing in web site design, development and usability for businesses of all sizes. His many years in the technology industry has enabled him to write quality, in-depth product reviews to assist businesses make more informed technology purchases. He welcomes any questions or comments you may have regarding his company's services, this review or interest in having your company's products reviewed.


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