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New Canadian Website Monitoring Location

September 28, 2004

Dotcom-Monitor has added a monitoring station in Calgary, bypassing Toronto in favor of better monitoring for customers. Dotcom-Monitor is the second major international monitoring company to open a monitoring station in Canada.

Plymouth, Minn (PRWEB)September 23,2004, Dotcom-Monitor has just added Calgary as its newest website monitoring location, bringing executive class monitoring to western Canada.

"A website must respond to customer needs quickly and reliably. Monitoring ensures that the site functions to the customer's satisfaction," says Vadim Mazo, CEO of Dotcom-Monitor. "The Calgary monitoring station will help businesses better assess how their websites respond to customers on Canadian Internet networks."

The Calgary monitoring station is a remotely controlled robot that visits a company's website, performing functions such as surfing, testing forms and simulating shopping cart purchases. Website owners use the results of the robots visits to determine how their sites respond to human visitors in such areas as performance, accessibility and response times.

Remote website monitoring helps owners respond quickly to emergencies (such as pages loading sluggishly or script failures), as well as to make long-term plans to accommodate growing traffic. For example, it is estimated that $20 to $40 billion is lost each year from users who abandon slow loading websites, and the smart owner wants to avoid that problem before it happens.

Global marketers understand that websites respond differently in different parts of the world on different networks. "The website that performs well in California might not perform as well on other networks," Mr. Mazo says. "Monitoring your website from Calgary provides data from Canada, a very large Internet market."

Calgary is the seventh monitoring station in Dotcom-Monitor's global network. The other six stations are in:

� London, UK
� Hong Kong, China
� Minnesota, USA
� New York, USA
� California, USA
� Florida, USA

Dotcom Monitor is an executive class website and network monitoring company, offering top performance services above and beyond the norm in the industry, including website load stress testing introduced in 2004, offered by very few monitoring companies (please see http://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/8/prweb148558.htm).

Since 1998, Dotcom Monitor has been protecting the reputation and profitability of businesses online by bringing together monitoring, reporting, notification, escalation and analysis in the combination best suited to a company's needs. For more details about what is involved in website monitoring, please visit http://www.dotcom-monitor.com/web-site-monitoring.asp .

Before choosing a hosting facility, it is important to answer one question: Who are your primary customers and where they will be coming from?

Right now, it is becoming more common to have carriers and ISPs peer together to serve specific geographic regions. We see this more and more often, especially in Europe and Asia. There are carriers which are better for one region or another, and it is important to place your server on a proper backbone.

For example, Germany has �KPN� provider, which is excellent for traffic exchange within Germany, but it does not works as well for traffic exchanges with Asia and the US.

Another example is LINX, one of the major UK network access points (NAP), and if your clients are mostly located in UK, it is a good idea to place your server as close as possible to LINX to minimize network latency and the number of hops for end-users. One of Dotcom-Monitor's web site monitoring stations is located in London to help measure performance by UK visitors.

Each Data Center or ISP may carry one or more providers. It is important to choose an ISP that has a proper set of providers to efficiently cover geographic areas for your web site visitors. If not chosen right, the site may have tremendous performance problems for some customers and work perfectly fine for others.

For example, a website hosted in UK datacenter it may work perfect for United Kingdom visitors, but if someone from Germany tries to access the site, the traffic may have to flow initially back to US and only then on to Germany. This requires two un-necessary Trans-Atlantic trips, which will dramatically increase access time for the site in Germany, making the site feel very slow. Dotcom-Monitor sees this scenario on regular bases.

External Monitoring service becomes extremely important for web sites serving diverse geographical markets, especially if performance and uptime are important across the regions. As the owner of the web site, one has to worry not only about the site and the server, but also about the number of external vendors providing connectivity from all parts of the world to the datacenter where server is located.

Dotcom-Monitor.com is one of the few web site and network monitoring services that helps to address this issue. Dotcom-Monitor provides seven monitoring stations spanned around the world. Each of our monitoring locations is carefully picked to cover most commonly-used backbones and NAPs, which are located mostly in main metropolitan areas.

Dotcom-Monitor provides number of tools to help to determine if one region has better or worse response time compared to the others from an end-user point of view. Dotcom-monitor checks if a web site is accessible from all over the world, notifying the owner of there are any problems with providers.

The source of this news release is PRWeb.


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