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Texas Memory Systems Introduces Entry-Level Solid State Disk

December 14, 2004

RamSan-120 is the first solid state disk with RAID-protected DDR RAM as the primary storage media

Houston, TX (PRWEB) December 7, 2004 -- Texas Memory Systems, Inc., manufacturer of the World�s Fastest Storage�, announced today availability of a new entry level solid state disk, the RamSan-120 � the fastest 1U solid state disk on the market and the first solid state disk ever to implement RAID (redundant array of independent DIMMs) -protected dual inline memory modules for the highest levels of reliability. The RamSan-120 delivers over 70,000 random I/Os per second and up to 400 megabytes per second of bandwidth. Its 8-gigabyte capacity is housed in a slim one rack-unit (1U) chassis and is ideal for accelerating smaller databases, database logs and email queues. For Texas Memory Systems, known for its high-end systems, the RamSan-120 establishes a new entry level offering for customers of all sizes and budgets.

"Our own tests have shown that a solid state disk like the RamSan-120 can be used to remove I/O bottlenecks that persist even after significant SQL tuning and adding memory to a server," said Donald Burleson, one of the world�s top Oracle database experts and co-author of Oracle Solid State Disk Tuning, a new book on high performance Oracle database tuning. "In some cases, moving to SSD resulted in an amazing 200x performance improvement. Best of all, it's an inexpensive and fast solution to a difficult tuning problem."

Applications that benefit from high performance solid-state disks include OLTP (online transaction processing), OLAP (online analytical processing), modeling, and data acquisition. Typical RamSan users include corporations in the financial, telecom, broadcasting, and e-commerce sectors as well as government, military, and research organizations.

"Solid-state disks are strategically used alongside other storage to accelerate critical applications within the SAN," said Steven Cheung, Managing Director of NetStor Technology Group. "The RamSan-120 is ideal for users who need to accelerate a single large application or several smaller ones and who must work within a tight budget."

The RamSan-120 sets a new standard for non-volatile solid-state disk reliability by introducing the first redundant array of ECC-protected DIMMs. The system works like a hard disk-based RAID. Data is protected and the system continues operating even if an entire DIMM fails. The RamSan-120's high availability architecture also includes a hot swappable power supply, dual batteries to provide power in the event external power is lost, and a backup hard disk drive.

"Entry-level pricing, enterprise performance and the reliability provided by innovative RAID protected DIMMs are a great combination," said Richard Hilken, Managing Director of Reactive Data Solutions Ltd, a Texas Memory Systems' reseller in the UK. "Most entry level systems just result in compromises. We think our customers will be early adopters of this new solid state disk."

The RamSan-120 is as easy to install as an ordinary disk drive system. A single computer can use it with a host bus adapter, or multiple computers can access it on a Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN). Full monitoring and configuration capabilities are available over any browser via a protected Java applet. The RamSan-120 is fully SNMP compatible.

"Solid state disks are used for speed so we wanted to deliver a very fast and reliable entry-level system that would fit within the needs and budgets of more organizations," said Woody Hutsell, Executive Vice President at Texas Memory Systems. "Customers and resale partners can now get both their high-end and entry level solid state solutions from one reliable source."

Texas Memory Systems will be showing the RamSan-120 at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. Oracle experts, Don Burleson and Mike Ault, will be giving regular presentations at the Texas Memory Systems booth on accelerating databases with solid-state disk.

About Texas Memory Systems
Texas Memory Systems (http://www.texmemsys.com) manufactures the World's Fastest Storage�. Their RamSan line of solid state storage is used to accelerate enterprise applications like OLTP databases, batch processes, and data warehouses, modeling and video editing up to 25-times. Founded in 1978, they sell direct to large enterprise and government organizations. They also sell through OEM and reseller partners.

Texas Memory Systems, World�s Fastest Storage, RamSan and Active Backup are trademarks or registered trademarks of Texas Memory Systems.

The source of this news release is PRWeb.


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