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Skyrocketing Growth Forecasted for Public Internet Market

July 19, 2004

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 19, 2004 -- Wi-Fi Internet Systems provide high-speed internet access and e-mail to the public for only $0.25 per minute, payable by cash or credit card. The machine is also a Wireless Access Point, where up to 64 users at the same time can receive wireless internet access within several hundred feet of the machine for only $3.95 an hour, $7.95 a day, and $29.95 per month. Our system is designed to get multiple users on-line fast and earn profits for both the host and our company.

Our Wi-Fi Internet System is designed specifically to get multiple users on-line fast and earn us profits. Users simply turn on their wireless device, click on their web browser, select their method of payment or log-in as a member, and they're surfing. It's just that easy.

ASC International Holdings, LLC is seeking to fund our WiFi business with the help of private investors. We have done this successfully before with other businesses and are now offering you the same opportunity to earn from 15% a year to upwards of 60% a year. (Click here to see projections.)

Our first year goal is to place 500 units in locations throughout the United States starting in the Southeast. Then we have a goal to place an additional 2,000 units over the following 12 to 18 months.

Why don't we go to a bank or lease the equipment? Because banks won't take any chances until we have those 500 units and by that time with the cash flow, we won't need the banks. Leasing does not cover all the cost of setting each unit up in its location.

An investor will be paid a guaranteed interest rate of 15% to 21% APR (not FDIC Insured). The investor will also share in the profits from where the machines were purchased. The profit sharing can add another 12% to 39% or more a year to the return.

The minimum investment is $15,000.

The source of this news release is PRWeb.

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