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Firm Receives Key Optical Communications Patent

July 19, 2004

(Dallas, Texas) Incucomm announced today it received a Notice of Allowance for a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a technology providing optical communications without fiber. The patent involves optical communications over 360 degrees, providing optical bandwidths over a wide area. Previously, only radio systems, with limited bandwidth offered 360 degree coverage.

The technology involves novel optics, allowing a single laser to cover a large angular volume. This means a low cost system can cover a wide area, with optical communications bandwidth.

"This is a big milestone for us," said John Volpi, Incucomm CTO, and co-inventor of the technology. "We believe this invention is truly important. We have several patents pending for our portfolio, but it takes time to work through and see an award." Foreign patent awards are also expected, said Volpi, who has several other patents awarded and pending.

Crinis Networks Inc has licensed the technology for its LaserWire� line of products. The allowed patent claims cover technology for optical transceivers that have applicability in multidirectional high bandwidth communications and other communication technologies. The invention supports use of MEMS devices, as do existing Crinis products. "We are very pleased at this development," said Bill Scott, CEO of Crinis Networks. Scott noted that Crinis has other patents pending as well.

Crinis provides the ConnectPoint Campus, an outdoor/indoor Free Space Optical (iFSO� ) networking product for connectivity between an auto-aligning transceiver pair. When a unit is pointed within several degrees of its companion, it automatically aligns and starts transmitting data. Crinis also offers the ConnectPoint 100 indoor unit.

Applications for LaserWire� include temporary support for disaster relief efforts, military sites, wireless LAN backhaul configurations, and warehouse or manufacturing facilities. LaserWire� products are priced well below traditional free space optical (FSO) equipment.

Development of intellectual property is part of Incucomm's process for corporate development.

�I like Incucomm�s process discipline, their reach into large companies for strategic relationships, and their roster of talent available to help a company get started,� said Larry Cain. Mr. Cain was the COO of MobileStar, and is currently heading an Incucomm startup. �Larry is characteristic of what we have seen from seasoned founders,� said Matt Bowers, Incucomm's Chief Development Officer. �The more they know about starting a company, the more they appreciate our process.�

The company�s best-known portfolio companies are Xterprise and Crinis Networks. Xterprise provides EPC RFID and supply chain solutions and has built relationships with Printronix, V3, and Red Prairie. Crinis Networks makes high speed networking gear. Crinis has built relationships with Sanyo, Anixter, CSC, and Texas Instruments.

The source of this news release is PRWeb.


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