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Online Tools for Making Advertising Banners

March 15, 2004

People with no training in graphic arts can create professional advertising banners for websites in just minutes. Do it for yourself, or do it for others to make money.

(PRWEB) March 14, 2004--MightyBanners.com goes beyond just offering the traditional affiliate program to enable entrepreneurs a way to make money from the site.

�Anyone can learn to make advertising banners for websites in just minutes using the easy to use templates at http://MightyBanners.com,� explained Susan Broadbent, creator of the service.

�We have customers who are using our website to make money in their own business. They charge customers $100 or more to create an advertising banner that they can make on our site for just $9. That�s a handsome profit for about 10 minutes of work,� said Broadbent.

A number of enterprising web entrepreneurs are using http://MightyBanners.com to create a variety of banners in different sizes for their customers. One reported earning a full-time income by making banners for webmasters who are happy to pay $300 for a set of 4 banners. The cost to make them? Just $20, leaving a profit of $280. She finds enough customers each week to make over $1,000 profit.

�Webmasters with no time to spare and no graphic arts skills are happy to pay someone else to create banners for them. It saves them time and money,� said Broadbent.

Internet website owners looking for an affiliate program that really works love http://MightyBanners.com because it offers a genuine service that many webmasters need and want but cannot find.

When a webmaster has time and no money to pay someone else to do the work, then http://MightyBanners.com provides the solution. No artistic skills are needed to quickly and easily use the templates to create all types of banners.

Webmasters often have to resort to an expensive graphic designer for advertising banners. That expense can now be reduced to next to nothing through this do-it-yourself service.

�So many of my customers are in a start-up mode and have no funds to spare, so they take full advantage of http://MightyBanners.com rather than pay someone to make banners for them,� explained Broadbent. �They can make a package of four different banners in all the sizes they need for just $20, which is a tremendous savings over what most graphic artists charge to do it for them.�

There are hundreds of templates to select from, and outstanding founts that can be used. Users have total control over every aspect of the design of the banners, including outstanding font and color selections for text.

�I built my own web site, and I knew where I could get some inexpensive advertising, but I needed a way to get some quality banners without spending money for an artist to do it,� explained Jonathan St. Laurent, of Uncle Billy's BBQ Restaurant (http://www.UncleBillysBBQ.com) in Yarmouth, Maine.

St. Laurent is not alone. The Internet provides a level playing field for businesses, but when small businesses want to compete with the big boys they need to be creative in order to look and feel like a major player.

�It was a dream come true when I found http://MightyBanners.com. I used their many different banner templates to come up with my own set of banners. It only took a few minutes, and the cost was negligible,� said St. Laurent. �Not only do I save cash, I get my banners in minutes instead of waiting for days for a graphics designer to get them done and send them to me. If we have to go back and forth with changes it takes even longer.�

All the banner templates and graphics were designed and created by Broadbent, herself a talented graphic artist.

�I wanted to provide a service that would help the small business owner compete with the big companies for a fraction of what I would have to charge if I created each banner from scratch,� explained Broadbent. �It is really easy for a �mom and pop� start-up company to look every bit as good as their biggest competition.�

Broadbent said she is continuing to add even more templates and options to the site on a regular basis.

�I sell banner ads on several different sites I am running, and I used to lose sales because a small business wanted an ad but couldn�t also afford the cost of having a graphic artist create a banner. Now I just tell my customers to go to http://MightyBanners.com and make their own banner,� said Barrett Sanders, of B Studios in Venice, California.

For a limited time, http://MightyBanners.com offers customers a special price of just $20 for a set of four different banners, which saves even more money from their regular low price of just $9 per single banner, according to Broadbent.

The source of this news release is PRWeb.


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