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realZOOM Technology Wins Big at AD:TECH Awards

February 2, 2005

Developer Tops Behemoths Walt Disney / ESPN and AvantGo

A panel of top advertising and marketing industry pundits crowned A Far Site Better�s online magnifying technology "realZOOM" as the Best Interactive Marketing Technology at the 8th Annual AD:TECH Awards in New York City agreeing with leading online merchants who have realized great sales gains and tremendous customer satisfaction.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 2, 2005 -- The AD:TECH Awards panel of judges who named realZOOM the Best Interactive Marketing Technology was comprised of top advertising and marketing industry executives from corporations such as DaimlerChrysler, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark and Young & Rubicam. In presenting the award they stated realZOOM is an "Awesome and fabulous tool to improve the shopping process."

AD:TECH judges decided realZOOM is the fastest, easiest way for online shoppers to get super close-up product views without downloading extra software or browser plug-ins. Web shoppers simply mouse over an image, and a zoomed-in portion pops up automatically in real time (even on dial-up) to give the user stunning detail of the item.

When realZOOM was added to the new Rampage.com sales increased 40 percent in the first 24 hours after launch (compared to the previous day and identical time periods for the prior eight weeks) and first weekend sales were up 67 percent. During the first three weeks, cart conversions increased from under 8 percent to over 17 percent and checkout completions increased from an average of under 40 percent to 100 percent.

"realZOOM technology was chosen for Rampage.com to simulate the real life shopping experience that Rampage.com�s customers were missing," states Francheska Anderson, Director of Rampage.com. "We believed that our clothing line would come alive with realZOOM and our shoppers would feel that they were seeing the merchandise as if they were in our store without the technology getting in the way. We felt that this intuitive and easy-to-use technology would actually become part of the fun of shopping at Rampage.com while increasing sales along the way."

And that is exactly what happened For website owners, realZOOM is a cost-effective technology that requires no additional servers, bandwidth, or streaming costs. The judges especially appreciated that realZOOM makes great use of print assets and high-resolution digital art that�s already available eliminating the need for additional expensive photo shoots.

"The AD:TECH Awards represent a level of professionalism rarely seen, and include a wide range of industry giants" said Rob Graham, Chairman of Judges. A Far Site Better, a Southern California-based boutique web design firm was nominated along with two major players, Walt Disney Internet Group / ESPN and AvantGo.

realZOOM is a common-sense technology that gets the job done quickly and efficiently for the online shopper, said Steven Laff, A Far Site Better's President. It�s great to have the judges at AD:TECH mirror what we hear every day in customer feedback e-mails people are more excited than ever about shopping online.

Online shopper�s response to realZOOM has been fantastic. A few of the many unsolicited email comments sent to websites with realZOOM:

"I love the idea of zooming in on any item, and it's so simple to use. I�ve never seen a website more in-touch with what I need when shopping online. This feature should improve your sales by 100%! I can really see what I'm getting...I love it."

"I love the zoom on the website. One concern people have when ordering clothing online is what little thing are they not seeing? You all have solved that problem and show us exactly what we are purchasing. Thank you!"

"I love your site, when I scroll over the item I can see a close up view. I love the ease of use too, it�s great. I wish more sites were like this, it makes shopping so much easier."

"Your design and Zoom feature has made it so much easier to truly see the merchandise. My shopping experience is 1000% better!"

"The new site is awesome; the best shopping site I�ve seen. The zoom enlargement is fantastic!"

About a Far Site Better
A Far Site Better extends the traditional scope of the web experience to improve and revitalize, or in some cases, resuscitate a company�s existing website and online profile. A Far Site Better�s real strength lies in their ability to deliver personal attention, combined with unique platform technology. By analyzing a client�s needs, especially in the light of previous experience, A Far Site Better takes their clients to the next level with customized, cost-effective solutions.

Now entering its 9th year, AD:TECH is the industry�s most comprehensive forum dedicated to the interactive advertising and marketing sectors. Exhibitors include industry giants such as America Online, Overture and Google.

The source of this news release is PRWeb.


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