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Instant Messaging Perfectly Integrated with Web Conferencing from Alphalogix

February 10, 2004

Alphalogix has again upgraded their popular Versona Instant Messaging System by adding the capability to seamlessly integrate with the Versona Web Conference Server, Web-ex, or other popular Web Conferencing Providers.

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) February 9, 2004 -- Alphalogix has again upgraded their popular Versona Instant Messaging System by adding the capability to seamlessly integrate with the Versona Web Conference Server, Web-Ex, or other popular web conferencing providers. Alphalogix has made web conference vendor interoperability extremely easy to set up and manage via their web based administration system.

�Integration between your instant messaging system and web conferencing system should be based on what is right for your business, not which web conferencing platform you IM client supports�, says Bob McCandless, CEO of Alphalogix. �Although we believe the Versona Web Conference Server is the best choice for web conferencing on the market today, The Versona Instant Messaging System integrates seamlessly with all other leading web conference platforms.�

This level of integration allows for the instant launch of a web conference directly from within the Versona Instant Messaging Client. Supported web conference platforms include:

� The Versona Web Conference Server (a network appliance)
� IBM/ Lotus Sametime
� Webex Hosted Web Conferencing Service
� Microsoft Office Live Meeting (formerly known as Placeware)
� Microsoft Office Live Meeting Server
� And many others

Integration is accomplished via the Versona Instant Messaging System�s web based configuration and administration client. To set up a web conference vendor, a system administrator simply fills out a web based form with the requested information and selects the Web Conference vendor of choice. All Versona Instant Messaging System clients will be updated with the new settings the next time they log in.

This new feature makes it simple for firms to deploy the Versona Instant Messaging System, even if they have already selected another web conferencing solution as their corporate standard. For more information, please contact Alphalogix at 1-800-652-0122 and ask to learn more about Versona Advanced Collaboration Products. You can visit Alphalogix on the web at www.alphalogix.com.

About Alphalogix

Alphalogix is an award-winning provider of a wide range of business software products, professional services and high-end technical enablement. Since 1996 more than 4,000 businesses in over 10 countries have turned to Alphalogix to help them build state of the art software solutions that transform business communication into corporate value. With headquarters in Southern California, Alphalogix has offices in Huntington Beach, San Francisco and the United Kingdom.

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