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VoIP Phone Service for Dial Up Connections Too

November 30, 2004

The marriage of 3WTel Superior VoIP with dial up connections in addition to satellite, cable, and wireless connections is producing a boom in VoIP Distributor enrollment as substantial profit and savings are made available to all.

(PRWEB) November 30, 2004 -- Forrester Research estimates that over the next three years, digitally delivered VoiP services and products will become a 7.8 billion dollar market. (In common terms, that's enough money to fuel a significant number of seven-figure income earners.)

Superior VoIP Distributors are enthused by the exploding global response to their new voice over ip telephony powered by 3WTel as it includes usage with dial-up connections in addition to satellite, cable, and wireless connections. Now, Distributors can help all users, regardless of connection, save up to 80% on their phone bills and earn substantial incomes as well. It is a profitable encounter for all.

Distributors joining the revolution in marketing this new technology via patented software have full marketing rights.

Each Distributor�s Superior VoIP website has built in tech support with full breakdown of voip phone functions for ease of use. Highly skilled support personnel are available 24/7 to answer questions. For detailed information, visit http://www.superiorvoip.com/PTL4ever

Because Superior VoIP incorporates referral marketing of their VoIP services, it has created a substantial income plan for its distributors and online marketers. Superior VoIP�s referral marketing plan is so powerful that the author is currently airing commercials on a USA TV Station.

With the Company�s rapidly growing team of Worldwide Distributors, droves of people are enrolling to take advantage of the opportunity in this advanced technology era. Mr. Patrick McCann, CEO of 3WTel Superior VoIP based in Ireland, recently stated that the company was offering full reseller and marketing rights to their patented VoIP technology through the Company�s powerful rewards programs.

Watch the latest News from CBS News Channel http://www.superiorvoip.net/cbs/cbs.wvx

The demand for VoIP services, in general, is astonishingly mind-boggling. According to Overture.com reports, the term "VoIP" alone was searched via popular search engines nearly one million times in 2004. There is literally no end in sight, and with an ever-increasing demand to know more about communication technology, the possibility of millions of searches per month is not unrealistic.

�VoIP is such a hot button right now that many insiders are calling 2004, the Year of VoIP�, states Industry Insiders like Frost & Sullivan. AT&T says, �VoIP traffic is projected to account for approximately 75% of the world�s voice traffic by 2007�.

Some of the many exciting new features of the voice over ip phone patented software includes text messaging, 3-way calling, contact list, and real time tracking of calling minutes. Making calls to landlines or cell phones worldwide saves up to 80% versus normal calling rates.

The source of this news release is PRWeb.


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