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Cheap Computers Spark Online Services

September 1, 2004

The availability of cheap hardware will open new markets for companies selling online business services. Web-based services like accounting and payroll will now reach many more small and home-bases business as well as start-ups.

Fair Oaks, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2004 -- The availability of cheap computers is music to the ears of companies that sell web-based services.

While WalMart has sold inexpensive computers for many months, AOL announced on August 11, 2004 that they would sell low-cost PCs at Office Depot.

This is good news to the hard-hit online service sector because it opens up new markets. Both AOL and WalMart appeal to small and home-based businesses, two groups that find online services appealing. These businesses have a financial incentive to add new equipment or get their first computer.

While AOL is hoping that these machines will lure customers to its dial-up service, firms like Adams-Blake Company, Inc. of Fair Oaks, CA is cheering as well. They market JAYA123 (http://www.jaya123.com ), an online 'back office' order entry, inventory, billing service to small and home-based businesses.

There are four million home based businesses, but many of them have never had a computer due to the high cost of equipment. Adams-Blake is hoping that as more of these small entities buy machines, they will also subscribe to the JAYA123 service.

"Web services like JAYA123 are tailor-made for the AOL and WalMart business customer. AOL has made it simple to connect to the Internet, and web-based applications have made it simple for small businesses to run their operation without investing in complex and expensive software," says Alan Canton, president of Adams-Blake.

Web applications are popular because they are browser based and can be used anywhere in the world. While some are free, most charge a small monthly fee billed to a credit card.

Software companies who develop and market web-based accounting, payroll, financial management, and payment services are expecting an up-tick in subscriptions as more home-based businesses go online. "The easy availability of cheap hardware is going to help improve the bottom line of everyone in the online service sector... from AOL all they way down the line to smaller firms like ours," says Canton.

The source of this news release is PRWeb.


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