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Frustrated Webmaster Use Improved Link Exchange Method

August 1, 2005

Search engines have begun to penalize web sites that have multiple links with the same anchor text on other sites, frustrating webmasters who need help from automated link exchanges. Over-worked webmasters have a new way to save time and avoid the penalty.

Pleasant Hill, Calif. (PRWEB) July 31, 2005 -- It takes too much time to individually exchange links with other web sites, but webmasters are frustrated with the automated link exchanges because of the new penalties they are getting from search engines.

�Using the same anchor text for links back to your site can get you �OOPed,� so your Google rating can go down instead of up,� explained Robert Volk, search engine optimization expert at www.Link-Blaster.com.

Recently Google has been giving an �Over-optimization Penalty� (OOP) for sites that place links on other sites with the same anchor text for those links. Automated link exchanges generate the same anchor text for links. Webmasters use the automated service to save time and as a faster means to gain more reciprocal links, but now the practice is hurting their site rating instead of helping it.

�We designed a unique automated link exchange that gets around the penalty and provides better quality links,� explained Volk.

�Each member site on our exchange is automatically linked on every other member�s site, but the anchor text of the link changes. Now when the search engines compare links they do not see all the same anchor texts, so the penalty does not kick in,� said Volk.

Volk�s company, VolkNet Enterprises, operates www.Link-Blaster.com. Anyone signing up before the end of August 2005 gets the first month free and $5 off every month for life, with no obligation to continue.

�When a member joins, they are automatically placed on all other members sites, so the larger the membership, the more advantageous for everyone. Each member also gets the ability to edit which categories they want to show up on their site, and all pages show up as a static html page not a php,� said Volk.

The system is innovative, and extremely effective. It is completely automated, and the webmaster retains complete control.

For example, a site could select to rotate three keyword anchor texts such as �Original Oil Paintings,� �Reproduction Oil Paintings,� and �Fine Art Paintings.� The webmaster can select the �weight� or frequency that each anchor text will be displayed. The result is that one link will look like three or more links to the search engines.

�Serious SEO�s have the option to have the link directory hosted on our servers, at no additional charge, so they receive only incoming links with no reciprocals,� said Volk.

The new service at www.Link-Blaster.com began June 25 and is already gaining significant attention from webmasters and search engine optimization specialists. Volk has a significant promotion program underway with adword campaigns on the major search engines, joint ventures, affiliate offers, referral program, and public relations. The result is rapid membership growth.

Robert Volk

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