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Failure is Easier than Success

Did you know that there is a 95% failure rate among eBay sellers? Its true but its not surprising. It is just so much easier to fail that it is to succeed. Success takes hard work. It takes determination and it takes thought and planning.

http://branchiseinc.com/accounting/ It takes finding out what went wrong and then figuring out a way to make it go right the next time. Success takes keeping on when everybody else quits. Success takes persistence. It is a well known fact among Internet marketers, whether they sell on eBay or not, that it is easier to sell to a customer the second or third time than it is to sell to them the first time and it costs five times less in advertising to do it. Yet not many eBay sellers take the time or put forth the effort to cultivate long term relationships with their customers.

They see the sale of an item to a customer as a one-time event rather than looking at the possibility of it becoming an on-going relationship that will result in many sales. Lead generation is one of the secrets of the success of any online business. Ebay isnt an exception to the rule.

Ebay can provide you with leads more easily than you can acquire them any other way. You would do well is you only used eBay as a lead generation tool but you can actually do more than that. http://branchiseinc.

com/accounting/ You can sell merchandise at a profit on eBay (perhaps not as large a profit as you make on your own website) as well as for lead generation. Leads are of as much or more value than one time sales. Use eBay to lead people to your website where they have an opportunity to opt in to your mailing list. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to sell to the same satisfied customers over and over again. http://branchiseinc.

com/accounting/ Thank you, http://branchiseinc.com/accounting/.

I used to be an office and motel cleaner earning minimum wage on a contract by contract basis, working very hard to make ends meet. I have no pedigree, I am a high school dropout from a broken family. I was forced to stay at home after my baby was born, this was like a visit from an angel... I had to find a way of earn a living without leaving home. This was a life turning event... Today I enjoy an extraordinary life, earning in excess of $80,000 a month which allows me to endulge on those things I never thought It was possible before - including having my dream home. I was fortunate enough to find the right business to earn a substantial monthly income from the comfort of my own home.

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