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Creating millionaire focus

By Mike Martinez
Friday, December 08, 2006; 2:00pm EST

In today's high tech, multi-faceted world of online marketing, with it's hundreds of thousands of websites, affiliate programs and countless opportunities, focus is a very rare commodity. Yet focus is an undisputable prerequisite for success. Nothing can or will ever replace the power generated by a focused mind. Many golden opportunities have been squandered and lost by one simple fact... lack of focus. It seems as if the online community is always offering a greener pastier. The next opportunity looks better than the last. People jump from one program to another faster than they blink. Invariably the final result is the same. Wasted time. Money lost. And most importantly, feelings of frustration as if no program is worth the effort. The final result is quitting. Sometimes, just inches from success.

The reality is that this is the destiny for so many online marketers. Because very few actually practice focus, they are drawn into the propaganda offered by the millions of offers that promise effortless riches.

A mild study of those that acquire wealth online will point out some very interesting facts. First of all you will notice a dogged determination that cannot be broken. If they sit in front of their computers to shoot out ads, they are not distracted by pop ups, or offers of any kind. They set their minds on their task and start and finish with their original outcome. They get results.

Next you will see that they focus on their results. They question their actions and responses. They gauge results constantly. In doing so they are able to adjust their techniques ever so slightly to get the results they desire. Many times changing just one word or sentence in an ad can open the floodgates to wealth.

Another great lesson to be learned from the mega-earners is their marketing consistency. They focus on getting their message out in front of as many people as possible by employing a step by step marketing practice. Realizing the power of repeated exposure, they persevere through failed attempts knowing that if they continue success is certain. In fact, statistics prove 87% of sales come after 9 exposures to an offer. Think of how many people quit before they hit this minimum.

Finally, one of the most common focuses you will see in big earners is their never-ending desire for personal development. They are constantly reading and searching to find more effective marketing systems. They eat up anything available that will give them that slight edge. You see them attend seminars just to come out with one single idea. That ladies and gentlemen is commitment. That is focus. And the rewards speak for themselves. These people are among the top 1% of Americas wealthiest people. They do what they want, when they want, with whom they want, as much as they want. They are the personification of the American dream.

The American dream can be your reality if you learn and practice focusing on success. Take these online millionaires as mentors and follow their strategies of focus as outlined in here and you too will reap the bonanza and freedom of wealth without limits.

About the Author
Mike Martinez has been featured in national home business magazines and countless e-forums and ezines. His strategies for business success are helping thousands worldwide. http://www.automated-funds.com/.

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