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Writing A Hypnotic Sales Letter

By Larry Dotson
Tuesday, July 6, 2004; 3:30pm EST

Writing a sales letter is comparable to creating a hypnotic script. The hypnotist recites the script to a person in order to persuade them to focus on something that will change their mind or behavior.

One of the simplest ways to get your prospects to focus on your ad is to get them to relax and trigger their imagination.

You can get them to relax by just suggesting they do something relaxing. It could be by telling them to turn on some relaxing music, get comfortable, close their eyes for a few seconds, etc. The more relaxed
your prospects are the more receptive they will be to your suggestions or message.

You can trigger your prospect's imagination by using imaginative suggestions. An example: Imagine being totally free from debt. That single suggestion can create emotions and mental scenes in your prospects mind. Those emotions and mental scenes then can persuade your prospect to buy.

There are many ways to trigger their imagination. You could have them imagine past memories, past feelings, future experiences, future emotions, present events, etc. It could be a pleasurable or painful experience that influences them to buy your product.

In conclusion, the goal of your sales letter is to change your prospect's mind or behavior so they buy your product. Relaxation and imagination are two powerful tools of persuasion. People relax and imagine all day long on their own without realizing it. You're just simply suggesting it to them in your sales letter.

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