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Good Customer Service - Worth Its Weight in Gold

By Tameka Sowder, World Wide Information Outlet
Friday, May 7, 2004; 12:00pm EST

How would you react if you contacted a company with a complaint you feel is valid and you received no answer? Or you finally get a representative on the phone and they lead you to believe that your complaint is of no importance? At this point you probably feel worse than when you made the initial complaint!

I worked as a customer service representative for almost 9 years for a local utility company. The most important thing I learned is to be nice. Be friendly, listen and offer solutions. If you own a business whether it is on the Internet or not, it will cost you thousands of dollars if you are not friendly.

Did you know the average person tells 12 people that they have been slighted or how aggravated they are about a company that has not responded to their complaint? By the time those 12 tell others, your name has been greatly blemished!

How important is your name to you? How serious are you about your business? If you have a customer complain about your business, do you take it personal?

I wrote an Internet company last week and asked them a question about their service I am using. I received no answer, not a single word! I am their customer and I received no answer! At this point I begin to doubt their credibility.

Did I tell anyone? Of course! I was agitated and told several friends about my experience. I didn't do this to get back at the company but instead to tell about my mishap. I needed to be heard! Do you want people telling their friends not to buy your product because you won't support them once they do?

Recently I went into a saddle store to see about getting a specific item. The OWNER acted as if he didn't want to help me. Offered solutions that sounded more like 'quick fixes', was grouchy and spoke in a way that belittled my intelligence and still never solved my problem.

Will I buy from him? Probably not. I still have a negative view of him and his store whenever I think about it. The worst part is he is the OWNER!

If he had talked with me about the problem, offered information and several solutions in a friendly and professional manner, I would have at least left with contentment and satisfaction.

If you give a positive image every time you are contacted, you will give yourself and your business credibility. Your contacts will become customers and your customers will buy from you over and over again.

Bad customer service is a very costly practice. It will cost you many sales not to mention your credibility.

I recently solved a problem for someone and by the end of our correspondence he said he would definitely do business with me in the future. His experience was positive and he walked away feeling satisfied.

Practice good customer service and you will see your business build and grow for the long term!

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