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Answer Prospect's Questions, Before They Ask

By Larry Dotson
Tuesday, July 6, 2004; 3:30pm EST

How many times have you read an ad and you had a question that would determine whether you would buy or not? Did you take the extra time to e-mail the business your question? If so, did you have the extra patience to wait for the answer or did you go to the competition's web site to buy?

Do you see why it's really crucial to answer all your prospects questions before they ask? How do you accomplish this obstacle?

First of all, you want to place yourself inside your prospects shoes. Think like your prospect. Read your ad, what questions would you have if you were the prospect? Can I pay by check? Can I have the product delivered within 3 days? Do you guarantee the product?

To get a even better point of view, have your friends or family members go through your ad. Have them point out questions they might ask.

Go through your past customer questions. You may have answered them each individually, but did you answer those same questions for your future prospects? If not, add those answers to your ad copy. If you do not want to clutter up your ad you could set up a separate FAQ section that's linked to it.

Now there will always be questions that arise you weren't prepared for. You should provide quick and easy ways for them to get in contact with you by phone, fax, e-mail, instant messaging, etc. Offer 24 hour customer service. If that's not possible, tell them you will answer all questions ASAP or within a reasonable or quick time frame.

In the future keep track of all questions that arise and update your ad copy or FAQ regularly. It can be the difference between your sale or your competitions sale.

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