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Affiliate Marketing: Another Way to Win

By Jude Wright
Monday, November 15, 2004; 1:10pm EST

You have a nice looking website, full of content. You have links to all your favorite affiliate programs. But - no one is clicking. What else can you do to get someone interested enough to click on the product's sales page?

Did you know that you can have your own affiliate program even if you don't have your own product? Well, you can! Simply join programs that have a 2-tier affiliate program.

Here's what to do:

When you add the link from your website to the affiliate program's sales page, also add another link saying "Join this Affiliate Program." The affiliate programs that are 2-tier will provide you with a second link for signing up
your own affiliates. Now, when your "affiliate" sells a product, YOU get a portion of the commission.

Of course, the commission won't be as high, but it's still a commission. And if you have enough affiliates signed up under you, they can be significant.

Sometimes the people who sign up using your send tier affiliate program link will end up purchasing the product themselves. Now you will get a commission from this sale plus you'll commission from any sale your affiliate should make in the future.

Want another idea?

Create a mini-site for just ONE of your affiliate products. Make sure it is one that has an excellent commission structure and a 2-tier program. You won't need to create a lot of different pages with a lot of content because this is a "sales" site - your sales site.

All you need is two pages. On the first page, create your sales copy. Do not use exactly the same sales letter that is used on the sales page for that product. Make it unique. Make it yours. Give it your own twist, your own personality. On this page you will have a link to your affiliate program
to page 2.

Create page two. This page will describe the affiliate program for this product and will have a link to the affiliate program sign-up page for the affiliate program product.

Now, promote this page - your product's affiliate program. An affiliate marketer will sign up for this affiliate program under your affiliate ID. And he or she will make sales. If you can get many "good" affiliates, ones who work hard to promote the product, you will make more on commissions that by actually selling the product yourself.

Another thing to think about is that you could receive residual income from your affiliates. Even if an affiliate stops promoting your affiliate product, it is likely he or she has written articles using their affiliate ID in the resource box for that article. When the article has been submitted to numerous article directory sites, and used by other websites in ezines or as website content, that affiliate ID will still be active. So, you win again!

Also, it will be easier to sign up new affiliates to your affiliate program than it will be to sell the product. Why? Because the affiliate marketer is motivated to make money. And the more money he makes for himself, the more money he makes for you! This is a good thing!

So, don't only think of affiliate marketing websites as content sites. Keep an open mind. Find new ways to promote your affiliate programs - and your affiliate program's affiliate program - to get even more choices for your multiple streams of income.

About the Author
Jude Wright has been an Internet Marketer for three years. She has just created a product that will help other Internet Marketers keep all their marketing information in one database. Check it out at:

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